Parramatta Nutrition Centre

Our Smoothies and Teas combos are perfect for breakfast, lunch and on the GO!!!

Our Smoothies

Contains 21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals as well as Protein and Fibre! The Prefect balance for a healthy meal!

Our Energy Teas

Contains Antioxidants, Provides Boosts of Natural Energy & also supports Healthy Digestion!


 | Lamington
 | Monkey Business
 | PB&J
 | Cookie Dough
 | Might Mint choc
 | Mango Lassi
 | Snickers
 | Fairy Bread
 | Nutella
 | Mocha
 | Cherry Choc Pie
 | Honey Oats
 | Salted Caramel Popcorn
 | Jafar
 | Berry Blast

Energy Teas

| Watermelon Madness
| Lychee Love
| Mangonificant
| I'm Peached
| Warhead
| CR7 Drive
| Strawberry Lemonade
| Pina Colada
| The Hulk
| Pink Panther
| Blue Lagoon
| Sour Apple
| Skittles

Parramatta Nutrition Centre-PNC

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Opening hours

Monday: 12:00PM- 5:00PM

Tuesday: 12:00PM- 5:00PM

Wednesday: 12:00PM- 5:00PM

Thursday: 12:00PM- 6:00PM

Friday: 12:00PM- 5:00PM

Saturday: 10:00AM- 3:00PM


+61 439 507 470


Parramatta Nutrition Centre-PNC

Ground Floor 24/2 O'Connell Street 

Parramatta 2150